Here at Chilli Cove we believe that good food should be celebrated with your loved ones. Traditional food is a celebration of life and an enduring part of our culture. Good food has the ability to delight your sense of taste and leaves you happier and lightens your mood. Our menu features a diverse range of Indian dishes from all parts of India's rich culture. Each menu item is specifically tailored with flair and attention given to its unique flavour.

India - full of rich heritage and culture! Our ancient tradition has a beautiful quote saying "Athiti Devo Bhava" - treat your guests as God. At Chilli Cove, this norm is at the heart of every guest experience. Located on the vibrant Port Road of Whangamata, we commit to beautiful ambience, flavourful cuisine, and consistent customer service. Newly renovated, the restaurant offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for both romantic dates and family dinners.


Family owned and operated, we challenge ourselves to live up to our traditions and also by keeping our old recipes in place and redefining them to make new flavours with contemporary attitude. We would be grateful to have YOU visit us to enjoy the great atmosphere and food, and create a dining experience that you will never forget!